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Three full time and nine part-time staff people provide caring supervision, imaginative programming and guidance to Club Members ranging in age from Grades 1 to 12. Our full-time professionals have more than 40 years of combined experience with the Boys and Girls Club movement. Positive, ongoing relationships are tremendously important assets in the lives of our members.

Main Staff

Jim Keenan Executive Director Randy Dion Program Director Kathaleen Webber Executive Assistant
Debbie Knight Rick Williams Lindsey Nelson
Kiley Keenan Josh Cote Wanda Biancardi
Judy Gaffney Kaitlyn Beal Kim Swanson
Coreen Pecoraro Alyssa Nock Shelly Nowers


Board of Directors

Gary Rawnsley, President
Cindy Fazio, Advisor
Amanda Esposito, Treasurer
Ralph Castagna,  First VP
Sharon Cronin, Second VP
Rebecca Conary, Secretary
Jim Kraus Arlene Keating Bill Plante
Tim Haynes Chuck Barrett George Ellison


Board of Incorporators

Dick Flaherty ( Past President)
Dan Tymann
Maureen Columbino
Sara Stafford
John Chuingos
Steve Spranger
Ellin McSweeney
Wayne Capolupo
Frank Cousins
Jerry Lischke (Past President)
Rachel Beckman
Sharon Donovan ( Past President)
John Catino
Bob Wysocki
Tom Jones (Past President)
Jim Scott
Gail Fortin
Nick Corvinus
Richie Eaton
Austin Spinella 
Mike Bertolami