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In developing our programs and activities the club's underlying philosophy is the Youth Developing Strategy. This strategy enables us to maximize opportunities for young people to acquire four basic "senses" which help them build self-esteem and grow into responsible and caring citizens. These four "senses" are:

A sense of competence
A sense of usefulness
A sense of belonging
A sense of power and influence

The After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP)

This is our after-school drop-in program offered during Local School Districts calender year. A non-profit program open to all youth with a current Club membership.

Sports & Recreation

Sports Fitness & Recreation

Members will participate in a variety of daily physical education activities which support the development of fundamental motor skills needed for different sports.

The Games Room

Don’t miss out in the games room where there is a different tournament going on each day whether it would be ping pong, air hockey, washers, bean bag and many other tourneys to be offered.

Education & Health Programs

Character & Leadership Development

We believe that given the right support and mentorship, every child can develop the qualities of character and leadership that will ensure a better future for coming generations.

Health & Life Skills

Practical skills and useful knowledge are offered in programs that imbue money management, kitchen skills and personal health and other essential habits of mind.

The Arts

Express yourself! Learn the basics of real photography using real cameras. Shoot and edit your own videos on our new IMac computers, or spend a quiet hour absorbed in creating your painting.

Specialized Programs

A focus on career development, self esteem, organized competitive computer games, sports and much more.

Education & Career Development

Structured homework support, goal setting and long term planning are at the heart of our afternoon programs.

Summer Programs

General Summer Program

The area’s best and most affordable option for structured, all-day activities during the long summer vacation.

Summer Teen Program

A great opportunity for adolescent members for structured socialization at the club and during many fabulous field trips.